De-Cluttering For Busy People - 5 Kitchen Clearing Tips

Now the Kids are back at school and life has started to somewhat, return to normal, keeping your home clutter free is not likely to be at the top of your to do list. However, a cluttered and disorganised home will only add to your stress levels, so let us come to the rescue with our ‘de-cluttering for busy’ people tips. In this series, we cover five common areas of the home that tend to become easily cluttered, starting with the kitchen.

Quite often, the kitchen is the hub of the family home, so naturally we thought this would be a great place to start. It’s so easy for clutter to accumulate here as it is a room used by each person in the house, multiple times a day. It’s also the place where we tend to dump bags, coats and shoes as we walk through the door, not to mention a hotspot for worktop clutter like letters, homework, pet supplies etc.
cluttered kitchen worktops
1. Key bowl/hook

A super simple, yet often overlooked de-cluttering method is the humble key hook. Its all too easy to throw your keys down on the counter once you get through the door. And while a single set of keys may not look so messy, it invites others to dump their keys and other belongings down too. Don’t invite more clutter, Instead, Give your keys a home. You may be surprised at the difference it makes.
keys worktop
2. Letter Organiser

The last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day is sort through your pile of post. It takes time to recycle junk mail, shred bank letters and file away documents. In fact, it’s far easier to make a neat pile on your worktop and tell yourself you’ll ‘get to it later’. Admittedly this is what most of us do, but that one pile of post can quickly turn into two, then three, then before you know it you have week’s worth of letters to shred, file and recycle. Make it easier for your busy self and use a simple letter organisation system. An organiser with three compartments is ideal for household post. As you read each letter, pop it into the appropriate compartment and sort through it once at the end of each week.
letter clutter
3. Indoor Recycling Bins

Many households with outdoor recycling bins tend to let piles of bottles, cans and boxes accumulate on their countertop before taking them to the correct bin outside! It’s unrealistic to ask everyone in the family to head outside each time they need to dispose of a drinks bottle or an empty cereal box, and disposing of recyclables with regular household waste is just irresponsible. The alternative? Indoor recycling bins. These can be as small or as large as you like, just As long as each bin can fit a few household waste items inside it. stackable recycling bins are a great idea as they make use of vertical space.
pile of used tin cans
4. Don’t Stick Everything on The Fridge

Kids artwork, important reminders, shopping lists… these are just some of the things we like to stick on our fridge, but a fridge covered in letters and pictures is a great way to make a space feel cluttered. Instead, use a notice board or whiteboard and hang it up on your wall or kitchen cupboard. Limit your fridge space to a few magnets and one or two of your kid’s drawings. Each time they draw something new that you want to display on the fridge, take an old drawing down and pop it in a scrapbook.
open fridge door
5. Pen Pot

Another simple, yet highly effective clutter solution is a pen pot. While we wouldn’t usually recommend keeping stationary anywhere but the office, pens are one of those things we can never find when we need one, and seem to be everywhere when we don’t. Loose pens and pencils are also a great way of making a kitchen countertop look untidy. A small pen pot in an inconspicuous spot will mean you can quickly grab a pen when you need one, and have a spot to put it in when you’re finished with it.
pen pot
We hope you found these five tips helpful! Keep an eye out for our next article in this series where we tackle living room clutter.

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