House Clearance Milton Keynes

Let Your Waste Gone clear your home of unwanted items and rubbish with our efficient home clearance service. When clearing your property, if we find any of your items to be of good, reusable quality we will pay you for them, offsetting the cost of the total clearance price. This means if you have many items in good condition you could end up paying very little for our home clearance service!

Items Suitable for Reuse/Resell

We accept many items for reuse/resell, however there are certain things we will need to charge the full clearance price for. This is because we must properly dispose of them at a licensed waste transfer station, a process which we must pay for as a business. Check our list below or visit our Excluded Items guide to review the conditions certain items must be in to qualify for resell.

Furniture and Soft Furnishings

We accept furniture, but soft furniture without fire safety labels cannot be resold and therefore we will need to charge the full price to clear it. Furniture which has been soiled, poorly cared for or has an odour such as cigarette smoke can also not be resold. We are happy to take these items but will not be able to use their value to offset the cost of our clearance service price.

Damaged items

Damaged items, items with missing parts or dismantled items cannot be resold and therefore we cannot use the value of them to offset the cost of your clearance price.

Clothing and Shoes

For clothing and shoes to be accepted as resalable items, they must be unworn and preferably have tags still attached. We are happy to take used clothing items as rubbish.

Home furnishings (bedding, curtains etc.)

As with clothing items, any home furnishing item can be accepted for reuse if it is unused and in its original packaging.

All Other Items

To view the full list of items we accept for reuse, please visit our excluded items page.

Free Quote

Want to know the exact cost of a clearance on your property? Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. A member of our friendly team will visit your property before the clearance and give you an accurate quote for the items you want us to clear. If you change your mind and decide not to go ahead with the clearance service this is not a problem! You are under no obligation to follow through with our clearance service once we have provided you with a quote.
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