How to Keep your House Tidy During Second Lockdown

As we continue under lockdown regulations for the second time in the UK, families across the country are feeling the stress and tension caused by the dramatic change. If things in your household are feeling a little bit tense at the moment, there’s one thing you can do to improve your mood and the mood of those around you: clean and tidy your space.
father and sons playing

Keeping a Tidy Home Doesn’t have to Be Hard

The phrase ‘work smarter not harder’ has never been more appropriate during these trying times. When the kids are running riot and everyone in the house seems to be getting on each other’s nerves, trying to keep the place tidy can seem like an impossible task. However, you’ll be amazed at just how clean and tidy your house can be with a few strategic methods… take a look at some of our favourite tidying tips below.

Assign everyone a basket for quick clean ups

One of the biggest battles when it comes to cleaning up is knowing where to start. Sometimes, it can feel as though you’re so overwhelmed with things being out of their place that the thought of tidying leaves you feeling overwhelmed. By assigning a basket to each member of your household, you help to share the responsibility of tidying with everyone. Keep several baskets (one for each member of the household) in each communal room and when you feel as though things are getting a little too messy, take 5 to 10 minutes to pick up the mess and quickly share it across the baskets. Anything left where it doesn’t belong gets thrown into its assigned basket: kids’ toys go in the kids’ baskets, your partners mess goes in your partners basket, your mess goes in your basket and so on.

This method is also a great way to detect who is making the most mess in each room. At the end of each day, kindly ask everyone to empty their own basket by taking each item and putting it in its original home. If you want to make this a fun activity for your kids, offer awards for ‘emptiest basket’ at the end of each day.
kids toy basket

Be realistic about maintenance tasks

Maintenance tasks are the things we need to do often keep our household functioning and reasonably tidy. These include things like doing the dishes, the laundry, vacuuming and taking out the rubbish. It’s important to remember that keeping a tidy house doesn’t mean having perfectly polished floors, constantly empty laundry baskets and dish-free sinks 24/7. A tidy space can also be a functioning space, and it goes without saying that the more people in your household, the more dishes, laundry, footprints and dust bunnies there will be, especially if the majority of those people are young children or teens.

Instead of trying to keep things spick and span take a more reasonable approach and aim to tackle them at a set time each day. Any mess that accumulates before then can be ignored. And make sure to share the responsibilities across each capable member of the household: if your children are old enough to understand how to operate a washing machine, wash dishes or vacuum floors it’s reasonable to ask them for help.
vacuum on wood floor

Make the bed, fluff the pillows and straighten the blankets

A made bed can transform the look of your bedroom in under a few minutes. The same goes for fluffing up your sofa cushions, straightening your blankets and throws and folding your bathroom towels. Taking a couple of minutes to do these things will help to make each room look and feel more tidy overall.
made bed

Create ‘play’ and ‘play-free’ zones for young kids

Do you find yourself tripping over toys in almost every room of your house? If that’s the case, you may benefit from this tip. Let your children know the rooms they can play in and the rooms they need to stay out during lockdown. Stopping your children from using or playing in certain rooms of the house may seem a little harsh, but it’s important that during these stressful times, boundaries are set to allow both kids and adults a reasonable amount of personal space. Good ideas for play zones include their bedrooms, the bathroom (when playing with bath toys), and the living room. It’s a good idea to make your bedroom and any sort of office space of limits for playtime (even if at the moment, your ‘office’ is the kitchen table).
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Take Time To Declutter

One reason you may be finding keeping a tidy space so difficult is that you’re dealing with too much clutter. If your cupboards, wardrobes and counters are filled with unused items, it may be time for a clear out. Our professional and fast house clearance service makes it easy for you to rid your home of unwanted items, safe in the knowledge that everything will be responsibly disposed of. Our clearance services are also an excellent option for families who are clearing out unwanted items that are otherwise in good condition: we sell such items at our own second hand shop.