How to Prepare for a House Clearance

Whether you’ve booked a house clearance with us or you are just considering hiring our services, following our tips will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Double check waste

We like to make sure we can give you the most accurate quote possible for your clearance service. Removing or adding waste to your property will mean your final clearance price could differ from your original quote. To ensure we can give you the most accurate quote possible be sure to check for the following items below.

High value items

We are able to accept items for resale. We will either take the value of said items off your clearance price or exchange them for cash. If you suspect any of the items in your home to be of very high value, make sure to have these appraised, so that you can make the best decision when it comes to deciding what to do with them. Items such as jewellery and antiques are prime examples of potentially very high value items.
antique sofa
antique necklace

Sentimental items and photographs

Be sure to double check your property for items which hold sentimental value, and remove these before our staff visit to quote you for a clearance. Items such as photographs, old toys, clothes, artwork and costume jewellery may mean a lot to you personally, however are not likely to hold any resale value and will therefore be disposed of in a clearance.
sentimental items
Sensitive documents

Letters, paperwork and documents containing sensitive information should be removed prior to the clearance. Make sure to check for documents containing personal information, banking details, medical information and any other type of sensitive data before a clearance. Either responsibly dispose of this information (e.g. shredding, burning) or file it away in a safe place.
sensitive doc
shredded paper waste
Hazardous waste

Looking around your property, you may not think that you own anything that could be considered as ‘hazardous waste’, however items such as paint, petrol, gas canisters, food waste and even some cleaning chemicals can be considered hazardous waste. If you have items that you are unsure will be accepted for removal, be sure to check our excluded items guide.

paint can

Ensure clearance staff have easy access to your property

In order for our staff to safely and efficiently remove waste, we will need to be able to park our removal vehicles within a 25 metre range of your property. Parking must be accessible in a safe and legal place. Your household waste should also be easily accessible. For situations where waste is not easily accessible, please get in touch with our staff to make arrangements.