Keeping Your Home Clean and Clutter Free During Lockdown Part Two Kitchen Clutter

Lockdown restrictions may be easing, but life is still far from normal, and for many of us more time at home has meant more time to focus on getting out homes in order. In part two of our clutter clearing series, we tackle the kitchen.
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The kitchen is an area of the home in which clutter and mess can easily accumulate. Kitchen gadgets, pots and pans and appliances can easily add up over the years and take up valuable space, especially if you love to cook. But even if cooking isn’t your thing, even the most basic and necessary appliances can be difficult to organise and store. In this article we share some helpful tips and ideas that will help you transform your kitchen from cluttered and chaotic to seamless and sensible.
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Donate or Sell Unused Appliances

Before you begin any form of organising, you’ll first need to take a step back and assess your space. Look at your cupboards, worktops and kitchen drawers and remove anything that you no longer have use for. It can be hard to part with things that were expensive when we bought them, but if you haven’t used an item for at least three months it is better off being donated or sold to someone else. You can make allowances for items and appliances you use annually such as the hotplate you only get out at Christmas or the cake stand you save for birthdays, but generally when organising it’s important to be strict with yourself and avoid keeping things ‘just in case’ they may get used.
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Make Pots and Pans Easily Accessible

Organising heavy cookware can be one of the most challenging areas in the kitchen. Pots and pans are large, heavy appliances and can be difficult to store in a way that is easily accessible, especially in a small kitchen. Most of us stack pans inside each other but this is an impractical solution. You shouldn’t have to remove a stack of small pans from your cupboard or drawer every time you want to cook with a large pan, nor should you have to fumble around a sea of pan lids just to find one that fits. If you store your pans in a cupboard, make use of vertical space with a tiered pan organiser. You could also install tension rod inside your cupboard and hang your pans by their handles. On the inside of the cupboard door, use a lid holder to store lids in size order. If you store pans in a deep drawer use a rack system to divide individual pans and lids so that you can store them horizontally. You can use drawer dividers to do this or, for an inexpensive solution cut pieces of card or plywood to size.
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Rethink Your Utensil Drawer

Kitchen utensils should be easily accessible and quick to find. If you find yourself scrambling through a cluttered drawer every time you go to use a utensil, a utensil reassessment is in order! It could be that you simply have too many, unused utensils. A simple solution to this is to look through your utensil drawer and remove anything you don’t use daily. You can either place these items into storage or donate/sell them. Another solution is to have a utensil pot on your worktop and keep your most used utensils in there. Everything else can be stored in the drawer. The drawer itself should be organised into compartments using a drawer divider. Many cutlery drawers have a large compartment for miscellaneous kitchen utensils like scissors and measuring spoons but this isn’t always a practical organisation solution. Most of the time, this compartment becomes filled with a random assortment of kitchenware which just leads to a jumbled mess of items. If your cutlery drawer has a compartment like this, use it to store only one type of item such as ladles and stirring spoons. Knives can be a big problem for cutlery drawers too, not only can they take up a lot of space but they can also be dangerous if stored improperly. Use a knife block to store your sharp knives and bread knives. If you don’t want to keep the knife block on your kitchen counter, you could always store it in a deep set drawer or cupboard.
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