Keeping Your Home Clean and Clutter Free During Lockdown Part One Dining Table Clutter

While many of us are currently off work or working from home, and children are off school, families everywhere are becoming affected by the stressors of this new lifestyle. At the moment, it’s likely the atmosphere at home will be a little more tense than usual. However, while family quarrels and temper tantrums may be more frequent, there are many things we can do to keep everyone in good spirits during this difficult time. One of which is to take care of our environment.

With a house full of people, a certain level of messiness is inevitable, but keeping things in reasonable order is not impossible. In this series we look at several tips for keeping your house hygienically clean and tidy, starting with a common area of clutter: the dining room table.
cluttered dining room table

Keeping the Dining Table Clear

In many households, the dining table can be a hotspot for clutter, but using your dining table as a dumping ground for your bags, coats, letters and parcels is not only a great way to accumulate clutter, but is also quire unsanitary. There are still many things that we don’t know about the novel coronavirus, one of which is exactly how it spreads. In this article on the independent, infectious disease physican Dr Michael Gardam is quoted saying “I don’t think the clothing you’re walking around with on a regular basis is going to be a big cause of concern, that being said, I can’t absolutely prove that [people] could never get infected through contaminated clothing.” So for best practice, don’t leave articles of clothing like jackets and coats hung on the back of dining chairs. Instead, hang them up on a coat hook as soon as you get home and make sure to wash your hands.

Another reason why it’s a good idea to keep your dining table clear is that it is usually one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home. Have you ever noticed that when you make your bed, the whole room just seems more put together? Well, the same can be true for your dining table. By keeping it free of clutter, you can create the illusion of a tidier space, even if the rest of the room is a mess. Keeping the dining table clutter free will also make it easier to keep it hygienically clean.
coat hook

Keep the Table Set

One way to keep a clutter free table is to keep it set at all times. People are less likely to thoughtlessly place items on the table if the pace is already occupied, especially by a table setting. Just be sure to switch the crockery on the table for a clean set before eating and wipe down the table to help prevent the spread of germs.
set dining table

Have a Place for Everything

If household members are using the table to store items such as letters, wallets and keys, this could be because there is no other designated space for these items, or that the space already assigned to them is too inconveniently placed. Rethink how people are using the space and take note of what items are getting repeatedly dumped on the table. Then, create a designated, easily accessible place for each item. If you already do have a designated spot for these items, consider moving it to somewhere more easily accessible. You’ll want to make it easier for people to place items in their designated homes than on the table.
organisation tray