Rubbish Removal Milton Keynes

Fast, Low Cost Rubbish Removal, Refuse Collection and Large Item Removal in Milton Keynes.

Our rubbish collection services are priced according to the amount of rubbish you have. Rubbish is either measured by weight or cubic yards and we collect anything up to 2000kg or 20 cubic yards. We understand that it is not always easy to measure just how much rubbish you have. However, we are fairly flexible bunch so we won’t mind if your rubbish slightly exceeds the amount agreed in your quote/booking. If on collection day you find the amount of rubbish you have greatly exceeds your quote, you can choose to increase your order and pay us the difference, or, let us just take up to the original agreed amount.
no fly tipping - image of old sofa and no fly tipping sign
How Do I Measure My Rubbish?

1 Yard / 60KG is roughly equivalent to:
* 5-10 full refuse sacks
* 1 domestic council supplied wheelie bin full.
* a 2 seat or small 3 seat sofa
* an under-counter fridge

2 Yards / 120KG is roughly equivalent to:
• 10-15 full refuse sacks
• A 3 piece suite
• A large chest freezer ( around 4ft wide)
• A Large fridge freezer (around 6ft high)

4 Yards/400kg is roughly equivalent to:
• 25 full refuse sacks (depending on weight)

6 Yards/600kg is roughly equivalent to:
• 35-40 full refuse sacks (depending on weight)
• A small builders skip

8 yards/800kg is roughly equivalent to:
• 55 -60 full refuse sacks (depending on weight)

10 yards/1000kg is roughly equivalent to:
• 60-80 full refuse sacks (depending on weight)

12 yards/1200kg is roughly equivalent to:
• 80-100 full refuse sacks (depending on weight)

16 yards/1600kg is roughly equivalent to:
• 100-120 full refuse sacks (depending on weight)

20 yards/200kg will fill:
• One large, fully loaded van (this service is best for full house clearances and clearing large fly tipping sites)

Still Unsure?
If you are still unsure of how much rubbish you actually have and would like a more precise quote, our team will happily pop round free of charge to take a look at the rubbish in person. This service is FREE, and there’s no need to proceed with our collection service afterwards if you change your mind.
Home & Business Clearances Milton Keynes
We are able to clear just about everything from commercial sites and domestic properties. We provide a range of home and business clearance services including garage clearance, garden clearance, void property clearance and more. We are even able to collect the keys from the estate agent and begin clearing if you are not able to be present.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to:
• Remove furniture and items which are attached to walls such as built in wardrobes
• Disconnect and remove electrical appliances which are connected to the mains
• Disconnect and remove hard wired fixtures such as wall/ceiling lights

Bulky Item Removal Milton Keynes
Our bulky item removal service covers items up to 75kg in weight and 6ft in height and 4 feet in width.

Refuse Collection Milton Keynes
refuse collection image of bin bags
Our refuse collection services are ideal for households who regularly produce more waste than fills a standard municipal black bin. This service is also suitable for business including home businesses (excluding businesses needing to dispose of food waste).