Tackling Clutter in the Family Bathroom

With the whole family in frequent use of the family bathroom, each with their own, personal accumulation of beauty and hygiene products, it’s no wonder it can become a hot spot for clutter. We’re going to show you five different ways you can remove the unwanted mess from your main bathroom and keep it clutter free.

Personalized Storage

One of the best ways to reduce clutter in a shared space is to give each person their own personal container or drawer. Each person’s storage space should be equal in size and everyone sharing the room should be responsible for keeping their own space tidy, and free of empty containers. By giving everyone this shared and equal responsibility it will be far easier to keep overall clutter at bay. As each person only has a certain-sized space to keep their belongings, it encourages a more minimalist mindset and helps reduce the need to buy more. It’s also a great way to encourage kids to look after their belongings.
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Miscellaneous Storage

The key to a well organised space is having a place for everything, including miscellaneous items. Any items which cannot be grouper together by their owner or by category should be given a home of their own. An easy way to organise miscellaneous bathroom items is by size, using either drawer dividers or storage baskets to separate them.

Better Waste Management

Bathroom waste bins are often relatively small in size and are used as a catch-all for all types of waste, including everything from empty bottles of shower gel to toilet roll middles. This often means the bin becomes full very quickly and items are not properly sorted for recycling. To avoid constantly overfilling your bathroom bin, introduce a proper waste management system with separate bins for card, plastic and unrecyclable waste. If you prefer, you can keep the waste bins out of sight such as under a counter.
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Towel Storage

If you find yourself washing load after load of bathroom towels, regularly gathering wet towels from the bathroom floor, or, never being able to find clean towel when you need one, the reason may be that you are in possession of too many towels. One great way to cut down on your towel use (and laundry) is to give each person their own towel, preferably each in a different colour. This way, everyone using the bathroom is responsible for properly hanging their own towel to dry after use and tossing it in the wash when needed. For guests, keep a separate set of towels clean and dry somewhere less accessible such as a guest bedroom or the back of an airing cupboard.

Use a Backup System

One common problem when it comes to bathroom clutter is having more than one of the same item. Sometimes, we may want to try a new shampoo before we’ve used up our old one, or, toss a new shower gel in our shopping trolley because it has a new ‘limited-edition’ scent. And, while it is always fun to buy new things, having too much of the same only leads to the inevitable clutter. To avoid accumulating more than you need, limit yourself to having only one additional item of each kind, using the second as a backup for when the other runs out. Then, once it’s time to get out the back up, simply write the name of the item on a notepad. You’ll then have a bathroom shopping list ready for your next trip to the supermarket, and never buy more than you actually need.
Overwhelmed with Clutter?

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