Excluded Items

We can take most rubbish, but not any of the following:

1. We cannot remove excessive amounts of Building waste (bricks, tiles or rubble) or Soil. The maximum we can take is 30 heavy duty rubble sacks (25-40KG each).
2. Any Hazardous waste; such as Asbestos, Chemicals, Medical Waste, Oil, Petrol, Diesel, Paint, Unpackaged Meat or Fish, etc.
3. Any Offensive waste - such as dog waste, cat litter tray waste, soiled baby or incontinence diapers/nappies, etc.
4. Vehicle and motor cycle tyres, and old style cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors and televisions.
5. Anything that is unlikely to be owned by you, such as: Blue (CHEP) or other named pallets, Police 'no parking' cones, liveried shopping trolleys, etc.
6. Regulated/Prohibited Items, such as: Firearms, Illegal Drugs (including cannabis plants), Bullets, Explosives, Precursors and Poisons.

We can accept just about anything for reuse, but the following is a list of the things that we can't, and therefore will have to be recycled:

1. Beds and soft furniture intended for home use that do not have fire safety labels.
2. Soft furnishings or beds that are too soiled to be practically cleaned, or are affected by smoke, cooking or other odours or any item of furniture (including garden use) that is too badly marked or worn to be practically put back into use.
3. Any item that is damaged or has missing parts.
4. Furniture and beds or electrical items intended for indoor use that have been stored outside or in a garage or other outbuilding.
5. All electrical items are regarded as scrap.
6. Gas appliances, including portable gas heaters.
7. Furniture or other items that have been dismantled; or anything that has to be dismantled to remove it from your property.
8. Clothes, shoes, fashion items, soft toys, curtains or bedding, etc. unless unused and still packaged.
9. Motor cycle helmets, child car seats unless unused and still packaged.
10. Anything that is or appears to be customer returns from major retailers (High Street, Internet or Mail Order)..
11. Buggies and prams not complying with fire and/or safety standards or with excessive wear or damage.
12. Old style cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors and televisions.
13. Motor vehicles, motor bikes or vehicle tyres; vehicle HIFI or other vehicle electrical or spare parts.
14. Air weapons, swords, hunting knives, bows & arrows, crossbows, martial arts weapons, spears, blank firing guns (except starter pistols) or any other offensive weapons unless they are purely ornamental. We will not be able to accept any weapons for reuse, but can take them for destruction and recycling, except Firearms.
15. Any prohibited or restricted items such as; protected bird eggs, stuffed animals and birds, ivory carvings or any other ivory products, non-UK radio transmitting equipment, firearms (including muzzle loading antiques), CITES controlled species of plants or fauna (including dried items), etc. We will not be able to remove or accept any prohibited item, except radio equipment which will be recycled.
16. Livestock - including fish in tanks, or insects. We will not be able to remove or accept any livestock.