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Terms & Conditions

We like to keep things simple, but there are a few things you need to be aware of:

1. Waste must be easily accessible whether it is inside or outside, and this includes us being able to safely park our large vehicles within 25 metres of your property, or where the waste is located. If you have booked online you do not have to be present when we collect your waste if you have left it in an easily accessible location outside your property, or we are able to collect keys from estate agents, neighbours, etc. where it is inside. We allow 5 minutes per 100KG loading time although you can purchase additional loading time at £24 (inc. VAT) per 30 minutes at the time of collection if the crew have the time capacity to complete the collection in a single visit. Therefore, if you think it could be difficult for us to access/load your waste you should alert us of this at the time of your order where you make an online booking, this includes situations where the rubbish is in your back garden and the only way to access it is through your house, etc, or is up a fight of stairs or in a loft or cellar. We may still be able to do difficult removals of waste but we will have to quote you for this as our standard rates may not apply in these circumstances.

2. We cannot remove Excluded Waste and if you have booked online and this forms a large part of your rubbish then you will receive a refund for any amount you have paid, less an £18 (£15 + VAT) attendance fee, or less the charge for any rubbish we were able to remove. If you have booked online and we are unable to remove your rubbish (for whatever reason) we will refund you, less the £18 attendance fee, but if we are able to remove some of it we will refund you any over-payment.  If we are unable to remove items from your property, such as a sofa that won't fit through a door, or if attempting to do so could cause injury to our staff or others, or could cause damage to property, etc. then we cannot continue. In these circumstances you will receive a refund, less the £18 attendance fee.

3. Each of our jobs come with a Weight and Volume allowance (as shown on the booking pages) as well as a Time allowance of 5 minutes per 100kg (1 yard). We undertake dozens of jobs each day and our work is scheduled with what has been booked, and by post code area. If you under-book we may not be able to to increase the booking on site, or spend any longer than the time alloted based on your booking and may not be able to take all of your waste on a single visit. Please Contact Us if you are unsure about how much waste you have.

4. We cannot collect your waste if you are outside of our area of operation. In some instances we can do it with a £24 (inc. VAT) out-of-area surcharge, but generally this is usually only with 10 miles of the edge of our area of operation. If your rubbish is located outside our extended area of operation and you booked online we will refund you in full, but please Click Here to see a map of our area of operation if you are in any doubt, or contact us by email: [email protected].

5. Where you over-book your on-line order (i.e. order an 8 yard/800KG collection where it is only a 6 yard/600KG) then we will refund you the difference. Conversely, where you under-order you will need to pay extra to the crew at the time of collection (preferably by card payment), or purchase extra yards online if you want all your rubbish removed, or alternatively we can take waste up to the amount you have purchased. Please also refer to condition 3, above.

6. Where you have booked online and want to cancel the collection you should do so at least two hours prior to the agreed collection time otherwise a wasted journey fee of £18 (inc. VAT) will be deducted from any refund if we turn up but are unable to remove anything. For collections between 8am-11am you should notify us by 5pm on the preceding working day.

7. We can only remove loose items and free-standing structures. This is all types of furniture and rubbish in properties, including carpets and curtains. In gardens and other external areas we can remove garden sheds, greenhouses, any dumped rubbish, trees that have been cut down (if cut to manageable segments), bagged or loose grass cuttings or other foiliage, etc. This means we can't remove stairlifts, built in wardrobes, etc. and in some instances we will not be able to disconnect appliances from the mains services. In gardens and other external areas it means we do not cut down trees, bushes or cut grass, etc., nor can we demolish permanent structures such as brick or concrete built garages or other outbuildings, or sheds if attached to trees or neighbouring fences, etc (not free-standing).

8. When we remove waste and bulky items they become our property and we endeavour to recycle or reuse everything we collect. Reusable items may be given away free of charge or sold. This helps us to offset the cost of our service as disposing of waste is very expensive, which makes us the lowest price waste removal service in the area. It also puts items back into use again that would have been disposed of. However, we understand that on some occasions you will not want this to happen, especially commercial shop stock, etc. and in these cases we will not reuse what we collect from you. We won't charge you any extra, but you must advise us of this requirement before we collect your waste or bulky items and we will sort items for recycling. We will also provide you with confirmation of destruction if required.

9. Prior to us arriving to clear a premises we always recommend customers search all items of furniture and all rooms in the property to look for anything that has financial or sentimental value. This includes checking any cell-phone, PC or Laptop present in the property. This is especially important in probate situations where a relative may have secreted items in a safe place that isn't known to anyone else. However, where we find important documents (such as share certificates and bank statements), jewellery and other expensive items, photographs, etc. during or after the clearance  but were not known to be there, we will always return them to the customer who booked us to do the clearance or their appointed representative. We are used to finding such items and can give advice to family members about where to look if they believe an elderly relative has things that could have financial or sentimental value.