When you deal with Iron Daisy Recycling for your home or commercial premises clearances you will get a professional service and we
guarantee to take everything you need cleared, including all the rubbish and carpets if requested.
However, unfortunately ours is an industry plauged with rogues. Many companies offer to do free clearances but only take the items of
value and claim they will come back to get the rubbish to complete the clearance but that's the last you'll see of them. Others demand
payment up-front, remove items of value and leave the rubbish and low value items behind. Others will simply not bother turning up on
the agreed date, leaving you in the lurch. We'd like to say that such instances described here are the exception, but regrettably they
are common occurences and we often have to deal with people who have been badly let down by a rogue clearance company, usually
during one of their worst times in their lives when an elderly parent has passed away, or had to go into long-term care. Many of the
worst offenders appear on the 1st page of Google, or do heavy social media advertising, often claiming to be Nationwide. In fact
most of those claiming to operate across the country simply take your money for at least a "deposit" then try and farm the work out to a
trader near you.
Therefore, only deal with reputable local companies. If they don't have a proper operating base and aren't properly established then do
not even contact them. You need two or more large vans, plus a warehouse/depot or have access to recycling centres to do clearance
jobs properly.