man and van milton keynes
Man and Van Milton Keynes
Item code: 100M
The term ‘man and van service’ typically refers to either a waste removal service or some kind of transportation service such as a home removal service. As we are a waste removal service our ‘am with van’ services cater to those who need refuse and unwanted items removing from their home or office.

Our large capacity vehicles will take up to 2000kg or 20 years of rubbish at one time but we have many options each catering to different sized rubbish loads. So whether you have a little or a lot of waste for us to collect, no waste removal job is too big or too small for Iron Daisy.

Up to 2 yards/200kg £66.00

For smaller loads of rubbish such as old furniture, domestic appliances or excess refuse sacks this service is ideal. For our set fee of £66 we will collect and remove up to two cubic yards or 200kg of waste (whichever is the greater).

Examples of waste this service is typically suitable for:

• Around 10-12 full dustbin refuse sacks
• A 3 piece suite
• A double or king size mattress and base
• Two washing machines
• A large fridge freezer (around183CM/6ft high)
• A large chest freezer (around 120cm/4ft wide)

Up to 4 Yards/400kg £90.00

This is a great option for slightly larger waste loads as well as waste removal for standard bathroom installations.

4 yards/400kg is equivalent to around 25 standard municipal refuse sacks.

Up to 6 Yards/600kg £126.00

This option is approximately equivalent to a small builders skip. It is the ideal waste removal option for home improvement projects such as a small bathroom or kitchen installation.

Up to 8 Yards/800kg £162.00

This option covers half a van of waste. It is equivalent to around 60 municipal waste sacks (depending on weight). It is the perfect option for standard kitchen installation waste or large bathroom installation waste.

Up to 10 Yards/1000kg £198.00

Our 10 yard/100kg waste removal option covers up to 10 cubic yards or 1000kg of waste (whichever is the greater). This option is equivalent to approximately 60 to 80 municipal refuse sacks.

Up to 16 Yards/1600kg £306.00

This is an ideal option to remove waste generated from large home improvement projects such as a large kitchen installation.

16 cubic yards is almost a full van load. However, if you have 1600kg of light waste this may fill an area greater than this and you will need our larger 20 yard option.

Up to 20 Yards/2000kg £378.00

This is our full van option and is typically the chosen option for full house clearances or large amounts of rubbish. It is an ideal option for bulky waste such as that from home refurbishment projects that won’t easily fit into a skip.

If you have a lot of waste to remove but aren’t sure whether this is the best option, we will always refund you the difference if it turns out your waste covers a smaller area.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to assess exactly how much waste you have. If you’re unsure which waste collection option will best suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team who will happily advise you on the most suitable option. We are a very flexible company and will usually make exceptions if your waste goes a tad over your chosen option capacity.