mattress removal northampton
Mattress Removal Northampton
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Choose Iron Daisy – Your Waste Gone for responsible mattress removal and disposal in the Northampton area.

We will collect and dispose of your mattress legally and responsibly. We are a licensed waste carrier with our own waste processing depot. We have a commitment to recycling and will never send recyclable materials to landfill.

We can collect mattresses of all sizes from single and cot mattresses to super kings and more.

We have a range of collection options available depending on the size of your mattress; for smaller mattresses our single bulky item service is ideal. This service allows items up to 60kg in weight or 4ft/6ft. For larger mattresses and even beds, we have a range of van collection services for waste loads up to 2000kg in one single van movement. Our van collection options are perfect if you would like us to take a little extra rubbish.

Why Choose a Reputable Waste Collector for Mattress Removal?

If you are thinking about disposing of an old mattress it is important to choose a licensed and reputable waste carrier or take the mattress to a licensed municipal recycling centre yourself. Rogue waste collectors are likely to illegally fly tip your mattress in your local area! Remember, you are legally liable for what happens to your rubbish and could be held liable if a rouge collector chooses to fly tip your waste.

Why Choose Iron Daisy – Your Waste Gone?

• Genuine waste collector – licensed, insured and environment agency registered
• We accept card payments!
• Fast and local mattress removal
• We care for our environment – we recycle at our own waste processing plant