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Clearance Services

We are able to promptly clear homes, garages commercial premises, and more with our cost efficient service. We offer full or partial clearance services and are able to remove all sorts of unwanted items. Our void property clearances are also ideal for landlords. We will even collect the keys from the estate agent if the landlord is not available at the time of the clearance. In addition to our flexible void property service we also provide a probate clearance service for legal professionals.

We will clear just about everything. Any items which we find to be in good, reusable condition will be placed for sale at our second hand store and their value will be used to offset the total cost of the clearance. We accept a huge range of items for reuse including everything from furniture to canoes! We will happily provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your property clearance.

There are a few things we unfortunately cannot accept. You can find a list of them here on our excluded items and reusable items guide.
up to 14 yards / 1,400kg
14 cubic yards