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Stamp Out Flytipping

Whilst it may be free for you as a member of the public to take your rubbish to a local municipal tip, businesses who do it on your behalf have to pay to dispose of it properly, as trade waste and only at licenced waste transfer stations. The waste industry is heavily regulated and many rogues and amateurs don't have the resources or legality to operate within the law. And disposing of rubbish is very expensive, which is why rogue waste collectors fly-tip. You have a 'duty of care' and are legally liable for what happens to your rubbish. It is your responsibility to ensure you only deal with genuine and licenced waste carriers. There are consequences for you if you allow your rubbish to be taken by a rogue trader who fly-tips it or if anyone takes it to a local municipal tip masquerading as a member of the public (not managing it as trade waste). You can be prosecuted and receive a hefty fine for not disposing of your rubbish properly and each year over 5,000 people across the coountry receive fines from local authorities after waste traced to them was illegally disposed of.

Don't be caught out by ignorance - YOU ARE LEGALLY LIABLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR WASTE!  You are particularly vulnerable if you have visible waste around your property and/or it is obvious there is some sort of building work or clearing out going on, and you are especially vulnerable if you advertise on social media for "man with a van" to take your rubbish to the local municipal tip, etc. This will attract both the flytippers as well as the amateur "man & van" operators and either way your waste won't be dealt with properly and you will be liable. Genuine waste carriers do not have time to go driving around looking for waste, nor trawling social media sites. ONLY FLY-TIPPERS AND AMATEURS DO THAT !

Fly-tipping is a blight on our communities and has a big environmental impact. It also costs local authorities a lot of money to clear, money that could be spent on social care, schools, etc. Regrettably our industry is plagued by rogue traders ranging from small businesses who cut corners by not being properly insured, not complying with environmental legislation, etc. to those who fly-tip.

Rogue Waste Collectors / Fly-tippers…What to look out for
- They cold-call to try and remove rubbish visible around your property or if they see builders at your property or any DIY work going on; or they respond to your request on social media for rubbish removal. NEVER put out a request like that on social media, always contact waste carriers directly and ask for a quote.
- They want to be paid in cash only - and if they give you a receipt it will have vague or false details. Reputable and professional waste carriers like us will accept card payments as well bank transfers and internet purchase options. Those who only accept cash will be fly-tippers or amateurs!

Be very wary of any waste removal company advertising using leaflets or on social media / the Internet that don't have a proper business address/depot, and/or don't provide any other information such as their business number, waste carriers registration, etc. and only have mobile phone numbers. And be especially wary if they have gone to the trouble of creating a website which doesn’t contain any proper contact or other important business details. If they're being vague about their credentials then they are either amateurs who are cutting corners, or rogue traders who will fly-tip your waste. Genuine and professional companies like ours will always be happy to have their details prominently displayed on their website and any advertising material. Indeed this is a legal requirement.

Some rogue traders will use residential addresses, a business accommodation / mail forwarding service address, a storage company or simply a bogus, random address. Some even have the audacity to use the same or similar trading name and address of an established, reputable waste carrier. But most of the rogues don’t bother with any of that, they just drive round all day cold-calling or trawl social media sites looking for unsuspecting customers.

Anyone cold-calling and wanting to be paid in cash will not be genuine and will fly-tip your waste, without exception.

Don’t be fooled by the price!
In the old days the rogue waste collectors/fly-tippers always gave a cheap price to get the business, and this is still quite often the case. However, one of the bizarre developments of the past few years is that the price they quote is now around what a genuine waste carrier will charge, or even slightly higher. This is due to all the publicity over fly-tipping. The rogue traders know that if they quote cheap people could suspect their rubbish will be fly-tipped and tell them to go away. Their pricing strategy gives them more credibility and means they get more jobs, and they are usually more successful than the amateurs...

Beware of Amateurs!
Beware of smaller operators who quote lower than genuine waste carriers like us. They may look genuine, and may even have smart uniforms and shiny vans but we know what it costs to process and dispose of waste...and it isn't cheap. It is very expensive, and we only keep our prices down because we sort all waste and have invested in our infrastructure over the years to help us process waste efficiently. Many amateurs get the business by quoting low then take your rubbish to the local municipal tip in their cars and claim it to be their own so they can tip it all for free, rather than having to pay for it as trade waste, which in many cases would be more than what they charged to take it away. This is a criminal offence, and you could also be liable under the Duty of Care laws. Many local authorities are clamping down on the "man & vans" who do this and only allow car type vans into their tips, and place restrictions on trailers, as well as limiting the amount of visits people can do each week, etc. Some councils will also inspect rubbish tipped by those they suspect of disposing of trade waste and if your details are found in any of it then you could be liable!

Check them out
Only ever deal with genuine waste carriers who have provided their waste carriers registration details on their website and/or any advertising. NEVER allow someone to take your rubbish away if you haven't checked them out first. They may claim to be licenced or registered with the Environment agency and have logos to that effect on their website, advertising and vehicles but you should always confirm this. Checking a waste carriers credentials is easy, just click the link to the Environment Agency website:

Fly-tipping is a crime that affects us all through higher council tax bills, as well as through the impact to our environment. Additionally, those who fly-tip are often involved in other crimes, especially stealing diesel from the vans of honest hard working people (thats how they can afford to drive round all day cold-calling). If you allow your waste to be taken by a rogue trader or amateur it could have financial and legal consequences for you, as well as a social and environmental impact on us all.