UP TO 16 YARDS / 1600KG
Item code: 160
£ 324.00
This is a Full van load. It covers waste up to 16 cubic yards with a weight allowance of up to 1,600KG. In volume terms it is approximately equivalent to around 100-120 standard municipal (black) rubbish sacks depending on weight. This is also the size for installations waste from extra large kitchens (or kitchen + dining room).

For business customers the charge is £270 plus VAT (£324 total).  A VAT receipt and Waste Transfer Note will be issued to you on completion.

The van shown on the product description is one of our larger vans that can hold 20 cubic yards and is 2 cubic yards wide. And yes, we know it can be difficult to accurately asses how much rubbish you actually have as 1,600KG of light waste will fill an area greater than 16 cubic yards. Don't worry though if you go a tad over what you have booked as we're fairly flexible, and if you've got quite a bit more rubbish than you thought then you can choose to increase your order on-site by paying the difference or we can just take up to what you have paid/budgeted for. Conversely, if you've over-booked we will refund you the difference if there is less rubbish than you thought there was.

The following are an additional charge to remove: Commercial Refrigeration Appliances

But if it's all a bit daunting then as we're local we can pop round within two working days to look at what rubbish you have and give you a precise quote. This is a FREE service and you're under no obligation whatsoever to proceed - please contact us to arrange this. If you're happy with the quote we can usually remove the rubbish immediately or if we can't then we will return the next working day.